The Excellence Gap

Our public schools are shortchanging their best students

Posted: February 19, 2012 at 3:47 a.m.

If an out-of-control national debt weren’t reason enough to worry about America’s global competitiveness, here’s another. Virtually all education reformers recognize that America’s ability to remain an economic superpower depends to a significant degree on the number and quality of engineers, scientists and mathematicians graduating from our colleges and universities—scientific innovation has generated as much as half of all U.S. economic growth over the past half-century, on some accounts. But the number of graduates in these fields has declined steadily for the past several decades.

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Perspective, Pages 69 on 02/19/2012

It's never too late...maybe the new high school in Bentonville can be a "STEM" based focus and the current one can continue to focus on arts and athletics...or be concerned with NCLB...hmmm???

Posted by: TheSwang

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