Sewer Work Continues

City Spending $1 Million Annually To Rehabilitate Pipes

Posted: December 17, 2012 at 5 a.m.

Johnny Lunsford, left, removes the manhole cover while Pat Sharp, both with Rogers Water Utilities, prepares to lower a hose into the sewer line under South Third Street on Friday in Rogers. The Vac-Con system sends water at 60 gallons/minute and 3000 psi of pressure to clean trash and other materials from the sewer line.

Few things last forever. Concrete and clay sewer pipes are among those things that don’t. Much of the sewer pipe running under city streets in older sections of Rogers are in serious need of rehabilitation, said Rogers Water Utilities officials.

At A Glance

Preventing Problems

Residents can help prevent clogged sewer lines by remembering a toilet is not trash can.

Things that shouldn’t be flushed:

• Baby diapers

• Baby wipes

• Rags or towels

• Cotton swabs

• Swiffer-type cloths

• Cleaning sponges

• Toys

• Grease

• Plastic items

• Latex gloves

• Sanitary napkins

Source: Rogers Water Utilities

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