Teen Happy To Play Harp

Posted: December 14, 2012 at 4:41 a.m.

Emily Carpenter, a Central Junior High School student, performed Oct. 30 on harp at a school board luncheon at Central Junior High School in Springdale.

Emily Carpenter can’t recall exactly what it was that led her to ask her mother for a harp one Christmas several years ago.

At A Glance

Pedal Harps Vs. Lever Harps

A piano has white and black keys; its black keys are its sharps and flats. Achieving those sharps and flats on a harp is where its pedals or levers come in. Pedal harpists can play a sharp or flat note by pressing a pedal with their foot. Lever harpists must use a hand to flip a lever for each individual string they want to play in sharp or flat.

Pedal harps are bigger, heavier, louder and more expensive than lever harps. Pedal harps are used to play the classical repertoire, while lever harps are best for the Celtic repertoire.

Source: www.enjoytheharp.com

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