Shelter open house Saturday

Posted: December 14, 2012 at 4:58 a.m.

Washington County officials hope a ribbon cutting ceremony and open house for the animal shelter will spur adoptions at a facility running at near capacity.

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I'm afraid as a rule it is just not true and there is no evidence to support the claim that the shelters up North are experiencing a shortage of animals! I suggest someone follow up and check out which shelters these dogs were sent to, whats their euthanasia rate and are they a No Kill facility? All shelters that transport animals should and must follow up on each one of these transported animals and verify their outcome and not just take the word of these folks up north. Make no mistake this AHS of Minnesota which the Fayetteville Shelter uses is "Not" a No-Kill Shelter and actually has a much higher euthanasia rate than ours. We all want these animals to find a great forever home but I'm afraid that our shelters are relying on these transports for the wrong reasons.

Transporting is a good thing, but these animals should only be transported to a No Kill Facility and due diligence must be done by our shelters leadership.

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I must also respectfully disagree with Judge Edwards regarding shelter pets as gifts during the Holidays. I site this recent column from Nathan Winograd who is qualified to make comments in this field.

FROM NATHAN WINOGRAD: Over 10 years, the National Council on Pet Population Study found that animals acquired as gifts would be least likely to be relinquished to shelters. They found that they stayed in their homes longer. It called into
question the prevailing dogma, and since the National Council was made up of groups that championed killing, if there was a bias, it ran toward not adopting during the holidays.

I get the concerns, but there is nothing wrong with a spouse adopting an animal as a gift for a spouse or parents for children or adult children for their elderly parents, which is what I did as a shelter director. And not only did my shelter adopt out animals during the holidays, but we had a volunteer Santa Claus personally deliver the animal to the home. (A home visit without necessarily being considered one.)

But as late as 2009, HSUS was still publishing material telling people to wait until after the holidays to adopt, effectively condemning over half a million animals to certain death. And despite no evidence that animals adopted during December would be surrendered in January or February or tied to a tree in the backyard, there are still a lot of groups peddling that nonsense, once again causing animals to die.

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