Wake Up To Fluoride Doom, America

Posted: December 12, 2012 at 2:33 a.m.

When will residents of Benton County wake up? We consume fluoridated water, not just in drinking water but in fruits and vegetables field grown in fluoridated water. Fluoride numbs the brains of you and me. The earth we use to grow our food is frequently overflown by chemtrailspewing airplanes. Chemtrail projects are cloaked in more secrecy than was the Manhattan Project to develop atomic bombs. We consume bagged, bottled, boxed and canned foods, many with (genetically modified) ingredients, and fake fats and fake sweeteners, and corporate-raised medicated meats. The traps that snare us today are vaccinations, imposed on our newborns, and pushed on us adults.

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I am so grateful for the vaccines that keep my children for the horrors of polio, small pox, scarlet fever, and others. Thank The Lord for modern medicine and the wonderful age of technology we live in.

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Arkansas ranks in the lowest 5 states in health ratings! we need the new ACA and the medicaid extentsions. this may actually raise arkansas to a middle level.
go forward young man.
Fluoride can prevent disease and keep our teeth strong. the children of arkansas especially need it.

Posted by: ladyLiberty

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I found these two contradictory sentences amusing:

"We live within a digital debt-based money system (money from thin air) and we are charged compound interest (about 40 percent of the price of nearly everything). Worse, international bankers own most gold (great for jewelry) and they push for goldbacked money."

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While Mr. Barness exaggerates, and I don't agree with him on some issues, he does make good points about our overly chemicalized and genetically-modified food supply and our debt-based, virtual money system.
Some issues that automatically receive the "tin-foil hat" rating are not as cut-and-dried as people assume.
"The water fluoridation controversy....occurs mainly in English-speaking countries, as Continental Europe does not practice water fluoridation....
In 2006, a 12-person U.S. National Research Council (NRC) committee reviewed the health risks associated with fluoride in the water and unanimously concluded that the maximum contaminant level of 4 mg/L should be lowered. Although it did not comment on water fluoridation's safety, three of the panel members, namely Robert Isaacson, Kathleen Thiessen and Hardy Limeback, expressed their opposition to water fluoridation after the study and the chair, John Doull, suggested that the issue should be reexamined....
Concerns are raised as to whether silicofluorides [an industrial byproduct which is used to fluoridate much of the U.S. water supply] might have different effects on the body than sodium fluorides, and silicofluorides have not been rigorously tested for safety."

Posted by: Coralie

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Most issues are more complex than the media presents them. Without taking sides in this controversy, I wonder if all the issues raised in this 16-year-old article have been addressed by those who support the current schedule of vaccinations:
"The Pertussis vaccine...is known or suspected of causing infantile encephalitis and sudden infant death syndrome ... has also been implicated in bacterial infections including meningitis.
Many years ago, Sweden banned the Pertussis vaccine because of these dangers. For similar reasons, Japan delays the vaccine until after two years of age, whereas in North America, it is usually administered at two months of age. Both Sweden and Japan are credited with having [among] the lowest infant mortality rates in the world. This fact would tend to discredit claims that the Pertussis vaccine is necessary to prevent an escalation of infant mortality in North America."
The Wikipedia article on the Vaccination Controversy dismisses opponents without addressing some of these issues: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vaccine_...

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