College to work on center for child-abuse recognition

Bentonville school plans renovations on training site

Posted: December 10, 2012 at 2:32 a.m.

Northwest Arkansas Community College officials are close to starting renovations on a building where people will be able to train in how to recognize and protect children from child abuse.

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Northwest Arkansas, Pages 9 on 12/10/2012

In light of the community college's current financial state, remind me again how this center ties into Northwest Arkansas student success, faculty support, performance funding, etc.? Aside from the connection of certain NWACC leadership being on the board for this national agency, why is time and effort being spent on this initiative and not our kids' education? Academic budgets are being slashed while renovations begin for a project that has no tie community college education. The community college's primary goal is focus on the student. Not a feather in the cap of NWACC leadership. Where is the focus?

Posted by: becauseicare

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Dear Because I Care,
I would suggest to you that you might want to take a look at the NWACC Course Catalog before posting a comment such as yours above. You ask in your post what does the NCPTC have to do with NWACC besides certain NWACC Leadership being on the board? PLENTY! NWACC is offering courses currently and more in the future that NWACC students will be able to take to train them in the very serious real world of child abuse and child protection . The courses are part of the curriculum. So not only will the NCPTC train students of the college who choose this course of study but in addition the NCPTC trains law enforcement, teachers, social workers, DHS Workers etc... This training center benefits the region, the children who people are trained to help, NWACC Students AND the community which is one of the primary focuses of NorthWest Arkansas COMMUNITY College. You can log onto the NWACC website and read more about how the NCPTC is connected to NWACC.

Posted by: WarriorMom2004

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