Government Interference Limited

Posted: December 7, 2012 at 2:37 a.m.

It is my opinion that Lowell Grisham (Opinion, Nov. 25) is in error with his critique of the Catholic Church when he states that it “does not have the right to impose its own moral belief upon non-Catholics who are employees, patients or students in its public institutions.” He says these restrictions are derived from “the government’s policy.” His confusion was also present soon after the ratification of the Constitution and was corrected with the First Amendment, which prohibits the federal government from “prohibiting the free exercise thereof” by a religion. Long before the formation of our government, this issue was addressed by Jesus.

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Opinion, Pages 5 on 12/07/2012

With six Catholic Supreme Court justices I don't think the issue will get a fair hearing.

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The problem with the Roman Catholic and Evangelical Church crowd is that they are driven by doctrine and not by the Holy Spirit. Mr. Tice and Mr. Eckard's letters chastising Father Grisham are vivid examples. Father Grisham has forgotten more about scripture than either gentleman will ever know. He understands scripture as the divine communique between God and ourselves (as individuals) whose purpose is to reflect the light that Christ brought to the world. Mr. Eckard and Mr. Rice see scripture as a bunch of absolutes expressed in a variety of "do's and don'ts". If someone (such as Father Grisham) challenges them to think about their own intolerance or where they come up short (the literal translation is sin) then they get defensive and angry. Instead they would rather find solace in pointing out how others violate God's law rather than quietly reflecting and heeding the deeper dimensions of God's word. Cursing the darkness (like Mr. Eckard and Mr. Hill seem to do) is easy. Lighting a candle (like Father Grisham) by advocating for the weak, vulnerable and voiceless in society is hard. It does not take much intellect to know which one God prefers.

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I find it easier to blame my shortcomings on someone else, as does Mr. Obama.

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