Not Another Half-Cent For Highways


Posted: August 26, 2012 at 2:47 a.m.

The Nov. 6 general election will include a vote on a half-cent statewide sales tax to raise $2.3 billion, primarily to fi nance more roads, including the widening of Interstate 540 to six or eight lanes. Here are 10 reasons you should vote against it.

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Opinion, Pages 17 on 08/26/2012

Art needs to get out of his ivory tower, because he would realize why the car is such a dominating mode of transportation.

For example, the car allows one to get from Point A to Point B when his schedule requires, not when somebody else (by way of a bus or train schedule) determines when he should make that journey. Anyone who has actually traveled on bus systems can tell you that they are very inconvenient, and are useless for shopping trips or doctor visits if the office does not happen to be located along a fixed route. Adding routes that will be empty most of the time is much more costly.

Art might also want to look at a map to determine why bus systems are more effective in other developed countries. Those nations happen to be roughly the size of some of our states in the west and have a much more compact population. Steps that would make our country compact enough to make a bus system efficient would be an unconstitutional demand...which might be upheld by this particular Supreme Court since their decisions indicate contempt for the founding document. One only needs to remember the Prohibition Act of 1763 to see how well it worked for the British.

While Art may be correct in his claim that sales taxes are regressive, he forgets two points. One, he didn't seem to be bothered by the regressive nature when he wanted Washington County residents to swallow the quarter-cent to pay for the empty buses of ORT (Could he be a shareholder?), and the regressive nature is limited because it does not place the tax on groceries, which are the bulk of most low-income family budgets.

The bottom line is that the car is a necessity, particularly in the rural areas of our state. In order to ensure that the system is safe, one needs good roads. Loading people into buses or trains will not provide the benefit that an effective highway system will.

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Wonder of wonders! I finally found something I agree with Art Hobson on, "Not Another Half-Cent For Highways". Unfortunately that's the only thing I agree with, the rest of his column is only fit for lining the bottom of a bird cage. Wait, no...I wouldn't do that to the poor bird.

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