Fit is key for compression garments


Posted: January 25, 2011 at 10:35 p.m.

When former Razorback assistant basketball coach Brad Dunn developed a blood clot in his leg, his cardiologist immediately referred him to a specialist.

Dunn hadn’t recently ran the length of the hardwood—he’d simply returned from a long road trip. According to Dunn, “You sit too long, and it can happen. Pilots are especially susceptible, and clots are always a concern after surgery.”

To promote improved circulation to his legs, his doctor prescribed fitted compression garments. Compression garments are designed to apply gradient pressure to the extremities, reducing the pooling of blood in these areas and minimizing discomfort.

“Finding the compression stockings was easy, but finding a fitter was another story,” he said.

Before finding, Patty Hobbs, a certified fitter of Lymphedema and vascular garments, Dunn shopped five different places.

“I felt great and my legs felt great,” Dunn said. “When my wife suggested we make a business out of it, I didn’t argue.”

Brad and Leanne Dunn hired Hobbs, and Caring Compressions opened its doors in March of 2009. In addition to compression garments, the Rogers-based clinic also offers sequential compression pumps, mastectomy products and other products designed to improve circulatory health.

Caring Compressions also serves the needs of those suffering from Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and advanced complications resulting from cancer and diabetes.

“The common thread is circulatory health. We fit the products that provide relief from circulatory pain and discomfort, and we do it with care,” Hobbs said.

As Caring Compressions prepares to celebrate its second anniversary, the staff continues to fit a growing base of patients from the surrounding area. Emphasizing the importance of proper fit, circulatory specialists such as those at Highlands Oncology continue to suggest that patients consider Caring Compressions.

Caring Compressions is located off West Walnut in Rogers at #5 Halsted Circle and online at They accept and bill most insurance.

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