Authorities Identify Area Gangs

Posted: April 6, 2011 at 5:28 a.m.

Authorities have identified about 30 street gangs in Northwest Arkansas, according to a Rogers police officer Tuesday.


Youth Bridge

Youth Bridge was founded in 1963 at Boyland, a ranch located in Winslow. The organization was a custodial-style facility that housed homeless and neglected teen boys.

Source: Staff Report

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After a change in leadership in the department, suddenly they go from having "problem groups" to gangs.

Great job Chief Allen and RPD for recognizing what the old chief wouldn't. I have no doubt you will work toward taking care of the problem.

Posted by: nwlocal

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I went to a council meeting and met the previous Chief. I told him that it was a bad idea to disband the RPD Gang Task Force. He said there was no gang problem in Rogers.
As a Gang Officer from California, I knew this was not true. I am glad to see that Chief Allen will have his officers take care of business and take care of the gang problem. Rogers is my new home and I want a safe place to live. Thank you Mayor Hines.
D. Ibarra

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Thirty street gangs, really? Wonder how long they have been around? Now that someone has the backbone to admit there are gangs the next step is to get their attention and make them fearful of showing their colors and acting out.

Posted by: MANofFEWwords

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If we deported all of these illegal immigrants NWA wouldn't have this problem. The Mexican population in Little Rock are alot more peaceful and no gang affilition so what is going on up there in NWA.
I also noticed alot more mexicans in Fayetteville than ever before.
It used to be couple of mexicans in fayetteville but most of them stayed in Springdale, but now they are coming down from Springdale and living in Fayetteville that might be signal that the mexican population are moving away from these towns of growing gangs .
Which leads to the town of Rogers to start this problem by leting the Mexican population to build up their gang affiliation once again and the mexican gangs have already spread to Sprindale of lately and if not already probably soon the gangs will be in Fayetteville if we dont do something soon up in Northwest Arkansas.

Posted by: WSJ

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