Lowell Iron & Metal

If It's Made of Metal We Want It

Posted: April 21, 2010 at 3 p.m.

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ADVERTORIAL — Wonder what to do with that old lawn mower or freezer sitting in your garage? How about that old car that died years ago that you intended to fix, but never did… And, that worn-out barbecue grill is just taking up space.

Call Lowell Iron & Metal. Whether you’re a company or an individual, they can help you spruce up and feel good about it.

“We are excited to announce that on this Earth Day a new business will serve NW Arkansas, southern Missouri and eastern Oklahoma, and will open on May 10, 2010,” said Robin Beach, Sales Manager. Lowell Iron & Metal will provide open-top containers, drop trailers and special equipment for pick-up of your metal materials. They specialize in recycling scrap metal and obsolete equipment from industrial manufacturing companies within a 100 mile radius of NW Arkansas.

Lowell Iron & Metal works hand in hand with both the public and industry to provide a recycling service and to keep sites green. On a large scale, they pick up scrap metal that could easily become environmentally hazardous.

Consumers are more conscientious than ever in their efforts to be eco-friendly, and demand is high for metal now more than ever as scrap is recycled. Rather than occupying landfills, scrap metals are repurposed into useful products.

Designed to be user friendly, the new facility is open to the public. You can bring anything made of metal from aluminum cans to junk cars (running or not) and coat hangers to old swing sets. All you have to do is drive to Lowell Iron & Metal Recycling at 721 South Lincoln in Lowell, and they will assist you with unloading. And then, they will pay by weight for the material.

So, take time to pull recyclables from your household waste, like pop cans, and turn them into cash. The earth will thank you. Nothing is too small or too large. Lowell Iron & Metal takes old metal siding, car wheels, air conditioners, auto batteries, radiators and anything metal.

“ ‘If It's Made of Metal We Want It’ is our slogan, and we mean it,” said Beach. “We offer a convenient pick-up service, subject to a fee, for larger items like cars, trucks, tractors and appliances (stoves, refrigerators, washers, dryers).” They also offer Freon recovery, and the ability to responsibly drain the liquids from old vehicles. So, just bring them in, or call to have them picked up. Lowell Iron & Metal will handle everything, including draining the fluids, so you don’t have to worry about disposing of the pollutants.

Recycle your metal castaways at the following locations: Joplin Iron & Metal, Neosho iron & Metal, Siloam Iron & Metal (Kenwood St.) and Lowell Iron & Metal located at 721 S. Lincoln in Lowell. (479) 770-6500