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Trail of Tears Remembrance (Siloam Springs Herald-Leader)

LYNN KUTTER ENTERPRISE-LEADER Glendon VanSandt, left, of Siloam Springs, stands with his grandparents, Annette and Earl Rowe of Lincoln, and his younger brother... Read More »

Poetry walk set for Monday (Siloam Springs Herald-Leader)

The Siloam Springs Public Library will be hosting a poetry walk Monday, June 27, 2016, at 6:30 p.m. Those participating in the walk will meet at the old library... Read More »

Health Inspections (Siloam Springs Herald-Leader)

June 15 Read More »

Board selects new fire chief (Siloam Springs Herald-Leader)

Siloam Springs has moved to fill the spot that will be left by Fire Chief Greg Neely when he retires at the end of July. Read More »

Journey complete (Siloam Springs Herald-Leader)

Cherokee Nation's Remember the Removal Riders, including Glendon VanSandt of Siloam Springs, completed a 950-mile bicycle ride tracing the Trail of Tears on Thu... Read More »

Norwood, Balk honored before board meeting (Siloam Springs Herald-Leader)

Two of the most exciting parts of the Board of Directors meeting this Tuesday all happened before the meeting got into any of its regularly scheduled events. Read More »

Fall Registration Opens for JBU's Community Arts Academy (Siloam Springs Herald-Leader)

Registration for John Brown University's Community Arts Academy opens July 1 for 14 weekly music lessons through the fall semester. Read More »

Electric department awarded (Siloam Springs Herald-Leader)

The Siloam Springs Electric Department has been recognized for outstanding reliability and service from MESO (Municipal Electric Systems of Oklahoma) with an in... Read More »

Celebrate healthy dads with the Top-10 list (Siloam Springs Herald-Leader)

In addition to the celebration of Father's Day, June has always been a month for dads and men in general -- think barbeques, Bermuda shorts and dad in the yard ... Read More »

JBU Hosting Paradosis Conference (Siloam Springs Herald-Leader)

John Brown University will host the biennial conference of the Paradosis Center titled "Engaging the Book of Acts, Engaging One Another: Catholics, Orthodo... Read More »

SSRH invests in CT imaging equipment upgrade (Siloam Springs Herald-Leader)

Siloam Springs Regional Hospital's imaging department recently upgraded its current CT imaging equipment to a Toshiba VeloCT console. Read More »

News and other happenings (Siloam Springs Herald-Leader)

The news has been saturated with tragedies lately. So many children and pets being left in sweltering hot, locked vehicles, accidental and intentional shootings... Read More »

Summer has officially arrived (Siloam Springs Herald-Leader)

This is the week that the beginning of summer arrived. Now, judging from the heat of the past while, one would have judged that summer had arrived a while back,... Read More »

Keep your cool in the heat to avoid heat related illness (Siloam Springs Herald-Leader)

Whether you are working, exercising or doing other activities outside in hot, humid weather it's important to protect yourself from heat related illnesses like ... Read More »

Peaches are sweet at Taylor's Orchard (Siloam Springs Herald-Leader)

GENTRY -- Taylor's Orchard has been a very busy place since it opened June 8, with some of the earliest varieties of peaches already picked and sold out. Read More »

Kelly named Father of the Year (Siloam Springs Herald-Leader)

50 Years Ago Read More »

Tweens learn confidence at 10-day Writing Camp (Siloam Springs Herald-Leader)

Middle school students had a chance to discover their talents for writing during a free camp last week. Read More »

Heritage Festival offers look back at folkways (Siloam Springs Herald-Leader)

The 11th Annual Siloam Springs Heritage Festival will be on Saturday, June 25. Sponsored by the Siloam Springs Museum, the celebration of history, community, tr... Read More »

Illinois River Splash Day teaches situation safety (Siloam Springs Herald-Leader)

The Illinois River Watershed Project and Siloam Springs teamed up to promote water safety and environmental stewardship on Saturday. Read More »

Man in the Can (Siloam Springs Herald-Leader)

Ronald Burton is almost unrecognizable when he is not wearing his makeup. Read More »

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