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Courthouse News (McDonald County Press)

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Board Recognizes Student Accomplishments (McDonald County Press)

The McDonald County School District Board of Education took a moment at its April 13 meeting to recognize student accomplishments. Read More »

Arvest Kicks Off 1 Million Meals Initiative (McDonald County Press)

Crosslines in McDonald County is excited about Arvest's launch of this year's 1 Million Meals initiative because it makes a huge difference, according to execut... Read More »

Demolished Firehouses (McDonald County Press)

An EF-2 tornado relocated a 400-pound air compressor to the fire station's roof and buried fire trucks in debris, but it didn't stop the Goodman fire crews from... Read More »

Briefs (McDonald County Press)

Pineville Arbor Day Event Read More »

Storm Spotters Critical In Confirming Weather Conditions (McDonald County Press)

Having trained storm spotters out in the field helps meteorologists identify rotation and impending bad weather. Read More »

Correction (McDonald County Press)

In the April 13 issue of McDonald County Press, it was incorrectly stated that the Anderson City Council voted to purchase a 60,000-gallon water tank from Pinev... Read More »

Carpenter Hands Over Mayor's Job To Blake (McDonald County Press)

Mayor Joe Carpenter began Southwest City's April 11 council meeting by taking a moment to say his goodbyes and comment on how far the city has come in the last ... Read More »

Pogue Thankful For Emergency Management Shelter (McDonald County Press)

Sandra Pogue and her three children came to the Goodman City Council meeting Tuesday night to thank the city's Emergency Management crew for saving their lives. Read More »

Sitting Your Life Away (McDonald County Press)

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MU Extension To Host "Mediterranean-Style Eating Pattern" Class In Pineville April 29 (McDonald County Press)

It seems like there is a new diet trend in the United States every two weeks according to Lindsey Stevenson, nutrition and health education specialist, Universi... Read More »

Woman's Club Schedules Bake Sale (McDonald County Press)

The Noel Woman's Club was called to order with 16 present including one visitor. After the Pledge of Allegiance and Lord's Prayer were recited the minutes were ... Read More »

Door Prizes Awarded At Business Expo (McDonald County Press)

During Saturday's Business Expo and Health Fair, a number of door prizes were handed out. Read More »

Students Raise Money For Teacher's Machine (McDonald County Press)

McDonald County High School teacher Debbie Shaffer was surprised when her students raised $499 to help her get a machine she needed for medical reasons. Read More »

Three Fairs In One (McDonald County Press)

Noel Elementary School and Junior High School's recent book, science and art fair was the first time for all three fairs to be held at once. Read More »

Old Hay That Won't Feed Cattle Could Feed Soil (McDonald County Press)

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. -- Age, mold, winter and water can take their toll on the nutrient value of hay bales, but old bales can bring new life to the soil, said Dir... Read More »

Growing Potatoes In The Ozarks (McDonald County Press)

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- If you have never grown potatoes before, then this is the year to try according to Kelly McGowan, horticulture educator with University of M... Read More »

To Shade Or Not To Shade: No One Asks The Cattle (McDonald County Press)

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. -- Providing shade for grazing cattle is a hotly debated topic among producers and animal science researchers. Read More »

SWC Art Class Of The Month (McDonald County Press)

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Briefs (McDonald County Press)

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