Subscriber onlyQ My dragon wing begonia has done the best I think it has ever done. The plant is huge and covered in blooms. I do not have access to a greenhouse, but I would love to keep this plant for next year. I just can't bear the thought of it dying in a frost. Is there anything I can do? It is in a large pot, and I could get my husband to move it inside if you think it will live. Continue reading...

Greens cuisine

Tasty, nutritious tops of turnips, mustard, collards, chard are the other autumn leaves

Subscriber onlyThe Potlikker and Cornpone Debate of 1931 brought the question of how to properly eat one's greens into Louisiana politics. Huey Long, from the backwoods of northern Louisiana, dunked his cornbread like a doughnut into coffee. Julian Harris, editor of the Atlanta Constitution, preferred to crumble cornbread into his brew. The great election debate continued for 23 days in homes, on the streets and in political gatherings as the readers discussed their candidates and culinary preferences. Continue reading...


Subscriber onlyDEAR READERS: My recent reporting about crape myrtle scale (in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette's Sept. 19 Style section) generated a lot of questions and got many gardeners inspecting their crape myrtles and finding the problem. Here is one more question and a clarification. Continue reading...